Monday, September 25, 2017

A #BrooksChallenge (or Five) & New Shoes {#Levitate}

Remember when I announced that I was selected to be a Brooks Run Influencer? Okay, don't worry, I won't hold it against you if you don't... it was almost eight months ago! Anywho, one of the amazing perks of being an influencer (which is similar to an ambassador) is Brooks sends us gear from time to time to try out and spread the word about...


The other day I had a knock on the door (truth be told, Walt the Wiener Dog HATES the UPS and FedEx truck so any time they're in our complex we get QUITE the warning, so I knew a delivery might be on its way) and SURPRISE!

Not only are the shoes super awesome (I'll get into that more momentarily), but they also included a fun little challenge for us to play... You see, if we post a picture or video rocking our Levitates and tackling one of the energizing challenges, someone from Brooks will do the exact same! Uh, how cool is that?! I'm always down for a fun game!

There were a ton of AWESOME ideas - run at sunrise and sunset on the same day, run a mile backwards, run a route that creates an infinity sign, run to the highest point in your city/country/continent, run across a border, run happy, etc.

The hardest point was trying to narrow it down (honestly, I wanted to do the majority of them because they were so fun, but I also wanted to make sure I got this post up before the end of the year ;)). Here are the ones I tackled thus far:

Obviously "Run Happy" was the first challenge I crossed off... 4 recovery
miles with the hubby in the new shoes - DONE and DONE!

Run Across A Border: My 16-miler took me through 3 cities - Carlsbad, Leucadia and Encinitas

Run at Sunrise and Sunset in the Same Day: Since I already had 16 miles earlier
in the morning, I might as well head out for 2 at sunset, right?!

Then I decided to tackle TWO challenges at the same time... "Run a Mile Backwards" and "Run a Route that Creates an Infinity Sign on a Map". Here's a fun time-lapse video of the challenge... It was a lot harder than I was expecting!

I figured running on the inside of the nearby track would help in case I fell (landing on soft grass would cushion my fall)
and would help keep my infinity sign a little more contained

Now it's YOUR turn, Brooks!

Not only are the challenges a way to mix up my runs (at this point in my marathon training I definitely need more FUN), but the shoes were FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC too! They're pretty revolutionary for the Brooks brand and I can see why!

The main idea behind the Levitates is ENERGYBrooks wanted these shoes to be the most amplified and energized experience for runners. They're some of the most bouncy and springy shoes on the market. Not only that, they're a very run-able product. (Because, let's be real, being like Tigger would be fun, but I need something I can do my training in.)

Brooks partnered with chemistry giant BASF to create their own chemical compound! The DNA AMP midsole technology is the most in-shoe energy return in the performance market. Not only is the foam springy, but the casing holding it in prevents it from splaying out and throws that energy right back into your foot. Also, there are new flex grooves on the sole that add extra rigidity which spring back quicker and help prevent energy loss during transition.


They've also updated the upper with a fit knit. A new circular knit allows for a premium experience, comfortably accommodating your foot as it moves and expands. They're snug but forgiving... Think of it as a hug for your foot!

Brooks wanted to create this shoe to make it easier for us to do one more lap, one more mile. The goal is to keep us running longer. The shoe may not necessarily have been built with an elite in mind, but it is perfect for the runner who needs a little extra boost to get out the door! And who couldn't use a little extra pick-me-up from a friend?!


You know I gotta #KeepItReal... The Ghost model has been my go-to shoe for the last four-ish years, so I don't know that I'll completely jump ship and be all Levitate, all the time, but I'm stoked to put more mileage on these and see how they do (thus far I've got 22ish miles and love them already). I'm thinking they'll be my shoes for the Chicago Marathon!


PS They will be available worldwide on Saturday, September 30th, but you can pre-order them on Brooks' site today!

What is your go-to running shoe?

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Ashleigh said...

I've run in Ghosts for probably the better part of 5 years but these have definitely caught my interest! Thanks for the awesome insight!!