Friday, September 1, 2017


September 10th marks my 33rd birthday! I am not one to really celebrate my birthday (mostly because I don't like all of the focus and attention on me), but I thought I would try and use it for good and want YOU to join in on the fun!

If you've been around my neck of the woods for a while (specifically for at least two years), you may remember when I did #Carlees31. I spent the thirty-one days leading up to my 31st birthday doing intentional acts of kindness.

This year I want to challenge YOU to get involved alongside me! With all the hate, animosity and evil we see on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming and get us thinking that "bad" is all that's out there. That is NOT the truth and we can show those around us that LOVE and KINDNESS still exist (and not only are just present, but can be prevalent).


There are tons of things you can do - whether it's holding the door open for someone, smiling at a stranger, buying the person behind you coffee, donating to your favorite charity, taking flowers to a retirement home, giving a fast food gift card to a homeless person, bringing books to a children's hospital, taking cookies to your local firehouse, etc. Your acts of kindness don't need to be grand or expensive... Kind gestures go a long way! And in case you are looking for some additional ideas, you can check out my recap post about everything I did during my #Carlees31 campaign HERE.

Getting involved is easy. During the month of September (but specifically on September 10th, if possible), go out and do good! If you want to share about it on social media (as a way to encourage others to do the same, not as a way to toot your own horn or to get accolades), use the hashtag #McDots33AOK. I think the best birthday present I could get would be to see how YOU are spreading kindness to those around you and making this world a better place!

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could get 33 people to participate?! Or maybe even 3300?! We'd have a HUGE impact!

How do you plan to #DoGood and #SpreadKindness?


Unknown said...

You know I am in! Great idea as always, sweet girl!

Sarah Welch said...

Heck YES! You are the best. ��

San said...

Love this. Let's do it.

Erica @ Erica Finds said...


Farrah said...

Yay!! Kindness makes the world go round! <3

Ben and Jack's Momma said...

Of course I'm in!