Tuesday, September 19, 2017

REVIEW: Sarah Marie Design Studio (& GIVEAWAY)

I have been a fan of Sarah Marie Design Studio for like... EVER! But the hubby and I have been trying to simplify our lives, which means less purchasing things, so I never pulled the trigger and ordered anything (another reason is because I love just about EVERYTHING and haven't been able to narrow my "Wish List" to less than ten items).

So when Sarah reached out to me and asked if I wanted to help her out and host a giveaway, it was like the stars aligned, the heavens opened and the angels rejoiced ;) Okay, that might be a little much, but I definitely jumped for joy and let out a little squeal when I got the message. HECK TO THE YES!


She didn't just send one item, she sent a boat-load. I was beyond floored when I opened the package. #HappyDance

Let's just say it was a love at first sight! In the past I haven't been one for muscle tees, but lately I can't get enough (I love rocking them with a Handful bra underneath so I still feel covered, but can add a little extra pop of color).

Is this new slogan amazing or what?!

Even though Mother Nature is unrelenting and I doubt it will be sweatshirt weather any time soon, I think I found my travel outfit when I fly to the Windy City next month for the Chicago Marathon (insert panicked but excited emoji here).

A few of the essentials that I know will make my carry-on for my trip to Chicago in a couple weeks!

And tell me this tank is not PERFECT! I mean... I literally think I might live in it while they hubby and I are out and about on our adventures. #WhoUsesThePhoneToActuallyCallAnymore #NotMe #PleaseJustText

I can't forget about the AWESOME Steve Prefontaine pin. I honestly had to hide it when it first arrived because the hubby wanted to steal it from me. So freakin' amazing, right?! Legit this is my fave pin EVER!

Don't forget the moisture wicking hat! Normally I'll run in a trucker (since that's all I have), but this is definitely a step up in my headgear game! It even has UV protection in the fabric - SCORE!

PS Please ignore the fact that the bill isn't straight... I had just rocked the hat on an 18-miler (in 80% humidity) and was a little disheveled. 

Now, if only Sarah had a "Run all the miles, Eat all the chips and salsa" shirt I'd be all set! But really, Sarah, hint hint ;)


Oh yeah, and the reason you've come here... THE GIVEAWAY! You can enter to win a $200 gift card on my Instagram account {@CarleeMcDot}. Entering is super easy, so head over for all the details (but, honestly, it's as simple as following two accounts {me and @SarahMarieDesignStudio} and tagging a friend or twenty seven {just remember to tag cautiously or else you may end up in Instagram jail... but I wouldn't know anything about that... HA!}). The giveaway runs until Friday, September 22nd at 11:59pm PST. The random winner will be selected and contacted on Saturday.

What would your running slogan be?


Unknown said...

Crap, I'm not on Instagram so can't enter this giveaway :(
I do love her stuff; I have the Marathoner sweatshirt, Run All The Miles, Drink All the Champagne tank and Positive Vibes Negative Splits tanks! - Kim K.

Chelsea B. said...

I have been eyeing a few of her shirts/sweatshirts for a while!! Like the run all the miles eat all the tacos :)