Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

Last week, instead of my standard Friday Favorites post, I shared something that is near and dear to my heart... #McDots33AOK! If you missed out, please go check it out AND join in if you would! But now it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program... It's time to share some of the things I've been digging lately!

Birthday Freebies

My birthday is on Sunday (September 10th) and the hubby's is on Wednesday (September 13th). Some of the companies and stores that we frequent reward birthdays with free stuff, so we have been making out like bandits lately! I'd definitely suggest signing up for a restaurant's reward program if it's somewhere you enjoy because they may send you a coupon/ discount as a way to celebrate your big day. We have already been able to get a free meal (and 20% off everyone else in your party) at Souplantation, a free burrito at Rubio's, $5 of free FroYo at Menchie's and a free goodie at Starbucks. (A few other places have sent us free desserts if you buy something, but since I'm not a huge sweets girl, they aren't that great of a deal to entice me to go in.)


I shared about #TeamEmma previously, so I NEEDED to post an update! This weekend Lucy, age 15, ran her first half marathon! That's quite an accomplishment, but not the whole story. Lucy pushed her friend Emma, who has Rett Syndrome, in a running chair the ENTIRE 13.1 miles. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when these two crossed the finish line together. And there's more, Lucy raised $2615 to find a cure for Rett Syndrome, doubling her goal! 

#TeamEmma has been running together since 2016 when Lucy first pushed Emma while running a 5k to raise money & awareness of Rett Syndrome. If you'd like to help #TeamEmma & their quest to find a cure for Rett Syndrome there is still time to donate here:

The Mitten State + The Detroit Red Wings

I swear, it seems like I am sharing something to do with this brand every couple weeks... but maybe that's because I AM! They have been releasing some AMAZING things lately, most recently their partnership with my favorite hockey team just in time for the opening of their brand new arena - HECK TO THE YES! All of the products aren't available online yet, but if you are in the Little Caesars Arena area, stop into the Team Store and pick one (or seven) up! Crossing my fingers the gear hits the web ASAP because I know the majority of it will end up on the hubby's Christmas list!

Garmin vĂ­voactive® 3

Let me be clear, I have not used this watch... But I have seen the ad and they used WIENER DOGS so it MUST be AMAZING, right?! From playing to paying, vĂ­voactive 3 is the smartwatch for your active life. Make contactless payments with ease, right from your watch, and with more than 15 preloaded sports apps — you can choose how you like to get fit. Built-in GPS lets you record the distance, pace, location and more for your outdoor activities.

Okay, I know I mentioned it at the beginning, but I want to make sure you know about it. September 10th marks my 33rd birthday! I'm not one to really celebrate my birthday (I don't like all of the focus and attention on me), but I thought I would try and use it for good and want YOU to join in on the fun! With all the hate, animosity and evil we see on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming and get us thinking that "bad" is all that's out there. That is NOT the truth and we can show those around us that LOVE and KINDNESS still exist (and not only are just present, but can be prevalent).


Getting involved is easy. During the month of September (but specifically on September 10th, if possible), go out and do good! If you want to share about it on social media (as a way to encourage others to do the same, not as a way to toot your own horn or to get accolades), use the hashtag #McDots33AOK. I think the best birthday present I could get would be to see how YOU are spreading kindness to those around you and making this world a better place!

What are you loving lately?

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