Saturday, June 10, 2017

Out Adventuring

In case you haven't figured it out (either from the theme of my posts, from the appearance of some amazing guest posts or from following along on my social media accounts), the hubby and I have packed up and  GONE ADVENTURING!

I saw this image in an REI email I received a couple days ago and loved
how they made the "CAMP" out of a moon, tent, mountain and "p". 

We left Thursday afternoon and made our way to the Kern River. We will be there till Monday morning, when we head to Yosemite until Friday afternoon. I wasn't sure about our connectivity while out and about, so instead of potentially leaving you high and dry, I lined up some AWESOME guest posts to keep you entertained while we are away.

This is the first major trip in the #AdventureMobile. Sure, we took it on a short get away to Anza-Borrego for a weekend, but this time we are miles and miles away from home. We are stoked to see how it handles now that we've made all of the updates to it (FYI: I will be doing a "van update" post soon with before and after pictures of everything we've done, but with everything we've had going on lately the blog writing portion of the "remodel" has taken a back seat).

I'm sure there will be plenty to share one we get back (especially since the hubby just bought a new camera, so hopefully I will have tons of awesome photos to post), but for now you will just need to follow along on my social media accounts to see the day-to-day adventures {@CarleeMcDot}. Oh yeah, and don't forget to pop back daily to see who is sharing some insights on I promise, the guest posts are definitely worth checking out!

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When was the last adventure you took?

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