Friday, June 16, 2017


I bet you were all expecting a "Friday Favorites" post... and, ya know what?! It sort of is...

I don't know if you know the FitFam6 crew, but if you don't, you should - they're one of our FAVE families! Like legit, the hubby was just trying to talk Dave (the hubby and dad) into adopting him so he could become the seventh in the crew! This family is PURE AWESOMENESS! I literally can't say enough great things about them - they ROCK OUR SOCKS!

FitFam7... it's got a good ring to it, right?! 

A couple years back they wanted to help educate those around them on Rare Chromosome Disorders, one of which their youngest suffers from, so they started a tradition of being #Active4Asher. Asher, who's turning four years old, was diagnosed with Chromosome 13Q Deletion - a deletion that is limited to only about 250 reported cases. With so few people affected by this deletion you can imagine that there is very little research done, studies being run or knowledge being shared. It is this family's desire to spread the word and get people educated on these issues. They want to show others that rare is beautiful, that everyone has their own hard battle despite the appearance on the outside, and that acceptance of all abilities and talents is a wonderful thing. (Can you say A-to-the-FREAKIN'-men?!)

Some recent pictures of Mr. Asher Man from @fitfam6's Instagram feed

It is their hope that on Saturday, June 17th, runners and non-runners alike would get up, get moving and get #Active4Asher! Whether that's taking the pup for a walk, going to the playground with the kids, heading out for a run on your lunch break or hiking with friends - take the day to be grateful for your ability to be active! Let's make this a day dedicated to encouragement, support and understanding. Be kind and be inclusive (not only tomorrow but EVERY DAY!). Be #Active4Asher not only through physical activity but also by celebrating everyone's strength and uniqueness.

If you are in the Elk Grove area, they are having a quick, kid friendly fun run (complete with snacks and giveaways)! Don't worry if you're not local, you can still participate! Use the hashtag #Active4Asher in your posts to join in on the fun! They're even offering three giveaways to motivate folks to participate! For more details on the giveaway, head over to their IG post (SPOILER ALERT: Entering is super easy! Use the hashtags #Active4Asher and #Active4AsherGiveaway on your posts and you could win goodr sunnies, a lululemon $75 gift certificate and more!)

Source@fitfam6's Instagram Feed

Obviously Ryan and I are STOKED and can't wait to participate! If you're in the Oceanside area and want to get active with us (maybe we could play a giant kickball game or do intense hopscotch), let us know and we'll make it happen!

Photoshop Free ;) Some of my faves at one of my fave places! Doesn't get much better than that!

How will you be #Active4Asher?

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