Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites

The best way to take your mind off of a back-to-back half marathon weekend is to come up with a list of Friday Favorites, right?! Well, at least that's what I thought I heard... so I figured spending a few minutes taking my mind off the upcoming miles might do me good ;) So, without further ado, let's get right into my #FridayFavorites:

Finishing A Chapstick

Maybe it's just me, but finishing a tube of chapstick seems to be a MAJOR accomplishment. I mean, I feel as though it is about as uncommon as unicorns... Either I end up losing it or putting it in the dryer and melting it or something... Whatever the case, it is very, very rarely that I actually finish an entire tube. And, guess what... I FINISHED TWO this past week! Yup! I might as well go buy a lottery ticket because I don't think this will ever happen again! The tube in my car and the one in my "beauty bag" (aka where I throw my eyelash curler, mascara, hair ties and bobby pins) BOTH ran out this week! HECK TO THE YES! Thankfully I have plenty of back-ups (because chapstick is my JAM!).

The Mitten State Bottle Opener

As you probably have heard me mention, I gave up pop years ago (Diet Mountain Dew was definitely my vice). Also, I am not a beer or wine drinker. So, although I may never need a bottle opener personally, there are plenty of folks in my life who do... And when I saw this one on @themittenstate's Instagram the other day I thought it was SUPER cute! I'm thinking I might order one just so I can have it available in case any of my peeps ever need to open a bottle ;)


America's Youngest Yoga Teacher

Another thing I saw on Instagram (and people say that nothing good comes from social media - PHOOEY ON THEM!) - America's youngest yoga teacher. And his main purpose is to give back! When Tabay was 6 his mother beat cancer. He saw how beneficial and healing yoga could be, so decided to not only get certified, but to use his practice to give back. The classes he teach (he offers three a week) are donation based and he gives all of the money raised to organizations which help children battling cancer. #inspiring

What are you loving lately?

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