Thursday, June 8, 2017

GUEST POST: Down & Dirty Fun by Lauren

Once the hubby and I put our camping trip on the calendar, I knew I wanted to try and recruit a few GUEST POSTS for while we were gone (I didn't want to leave you all high and dry while we had all the fun). When I put the call out for folks who may want to help, the response was AMAZING (so I'd highly recommend popping back by over the next few days because the range of posts is not only AWESOME, but the posts themselves are FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC as well!).

One of the first people to respond was Lauren. Now, if you don't follow her on social media platforms, you should... like NOW! Not only is she a super speedy runner (she just ran another BQ time at the OC Marathon a few weeks ago) but she is cool as a cucumber (must be the yoga teacher in her), encouraging and, not to mention, has an uber awesome pup (@arlotheadventurer). Oh yeah, and she was one of the original co-leaders of November Project San Diego... 

I was STOKED to have her volunteer... and even more thrilled to hear what she wanted to share about: RELAY TRAIL RUNNING! Hopefully by now you know my love for relay races, so the topic definitely peaked my interest. I'm not much of a trail runner (mostly because I'm nervous about snakes and falling on my face after twisting my ankle on a rock), but it's something I always enjoy whenever I face my fears and step outside of my comfort zone. So, combine the two and it sounds MAGICAL... But since I don't have a ton of experience with it, I am PUMPED to have someone who knows a heck of a lot more about it share her thoughts with you! So, without further ado, let's welcome Lauren to the "stage"...

Form A Team And Do This Race NOW 

We’ve all heard of Ragnar and know all about the fun of spending 24 hours in a van with your teammates while you cover an absurd number of miles on foot. Many of us (myself included) have even done it. But what if there was a race weekend where you could get a lot of the same camaraderie minus the stinky van and plus sleep?

There is. I’m talking about The North Face Endurance Challenge Series. Currently in seven cities in North America (Madison, Park City, Bear Mountain, Ontario, San Francisco, Washington DC, and outside of Boston), these trail running weekends have something for everyone. From 5k to 50 mile distances and literally everything in between, everyone will find their sweet spot for happy running.

My personal favorite event is the marathon relay. Here’s how it rolls: put together either a 2 person or 4 person team to tackle four laps of a course where the total distance equals a marathon. If you’re on a four person team you’ll each run one lap. If you’re on a two person team you’ll each run two laps (your choice as to what order you run them in).

But the best part is that because all of the races and laps start and end at the same place, there’s an awesome festival-like atmosphere at the start/finish line exchange zones. While you’re not running you’ll be cheering on runners finishing the 50 miler, 50k, or marathon distance and anxiously anticipating your runner flying into the exchange.

Teams put together great outfits, hilarious team names, and (whether they’re there to win or just to party) are prepped for some serious fun.

Thanks to the crew at November Project (who holds their annual Summit gathering at these trail events) I’ve run the marathon relay in Madison, in Park City, and in San Francisco.

Madison had amazing green forests. Park City was gorgeous (and a killer with the altitude). San Francisco has been my favorite thus far (although I prefer the 50k distance here, the Muir Woods are unbelievable).

This weekend I’ll be heading to Boston for Summit number 5 and will be taking on the relay at Wachusett Mountain. So follow along on Instagram (@novemberproject and @thelpinsd) to see all the ridiculous fun and sign yourself and your friends up for an adventure in the next year! Be forewarned - the marathon relay event is popular and does always sell don’t delay on this one!

Not sure if you have a crew that’s down to do something like this? Here’s a plug for November Project. Tribes exist in 39 cities across the world and are probably closer to you than you think. This free fitness community will not only welcome you in with a big (maybe awkward) bear hug and high five, but will be brimming with other athletes, humans, and runners who will be stoked to take on this crazy race. So get out to one today and find your people.

I don't know about you, but I think this is DEFINITELY something I need in my life! And I know the hubby would totally be down, so now all I need to do is find two more fun-loving friends and pick one of the amazing locations...

Have you ever run a trail relay race before?

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That November Project photo is most definitely on the steps at my work. Definitely going to need to investigate this.

Lauren, thanks for sharing!

Carlee, hope you're having fun camping!