Monday, October 26, 2015

A to Z Survey

I am still waiting on a few pictures for my RnRLA Half Marathon recap (hope to have it up tomorrow), so I figured in the meantime I would do a fun little survey. (Some of you are new around these parts - and THANK YOU for stopping by - so I thought I'd share a little extra about me that you may not know.) And thanks to Jen for posting this a while back so I could do a little copy and pasting!

A - Age: 31 (Don't you remember #Carlees31?!)

B - Biggest Fear: I really dislike the dark and scary movies

C - Current Time: 7:16pm PST

D - Drink You Last Had: Good ol' H2O

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: The hubster

F - Favorite Movie: Hook

G - Grossest Memory: Got super bad food poisoning in Fiji on our honeymoon. Talk about love, the hubby (for all of about 5 days) had to help me clean up...

H - Hometown: Temperance, MI

There's a <3 where my family lives on my Michigan tattoo #SmittenWithTheMitten

I - In Love With: Ryan and Jesus

J - Jealous Of: People who are amazing at photography

K - Key Days In Your Life: Day I gave my life to Christ, day I moved across the country to California, day I got married, day I started running

L - Longest Relationship: 12+ years (Ryan and I started dating September 1, 2003)

The summer before we started dating - we were "sneakily" holding hands,
but I doubt we were fooling anyone!

M - Middle Name: René

N - Number of Siblings: 1 (a younger brother - Kyle)

O - One Wish: That people knew how special and important they are!

P - Person You Spoke To on the Phone Last: Hubby to let me know he was on his way home from work. Other than him and talking to my parents and brother ever few months I don't use the talking portion of my phone.


Q - Question You’re Always Asked: "Why do you run?" or "Why don't you eat meat?"

R - Reason to Smile: Shut the front door, I think the list would be MUCH SHORTER if you asked "Reasons NOT to Smile". We woke up on this side of the dirt today, that should be enough to make us smile from ear-to-ear, all day long!

S - Song You Last Sang: “Hello” (Adele) I can't get enough of it and am THRILLED for the new record.

T - Time You Woke Up: 7:03am PST

U - Unique Talent: Function on little to zero sleep (with zero caffeine)

V - Vacation Destination: Anywhere tropical, warm and sunny! But, legit, I just love traveling to new places! (And isn't running the best place to see those new spots?!)

W - Worst Habit: Always having to be right

X - X-Rays You’ve Had: Plenty. When I was younger I broke both of my arms (at different times) and when they were trying to diagnose my fibromyalgia I went through tons of tests, exams and scans.

Y - Your Favorite Food: #AllTheChipsAndSalsa

Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo, but that's about all I know about it ;)

Answer the survey questions that correlate with the letters of your initials. 


SD Mom said...

Totally random but the last song I sang was "My Favorite Mistake" by Sheryl Crow.

*krystyn* said...

Thanks for your replies to my questions on your blog yesterday...

Also, we have a few things in common---
I am from Michigan - grew up in Livonia.
I am a Virgo. (Aug 23)
Preferred vacation spot: hot & sunny!
And I too love traveling for running races.

Have you checked out Great MI apparel.