Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Walt Wednesday

Although Walt looks gentlemanly, sophisticated, and distinguished, let me tell you, he still loves to get into mischief.

At the end of last week I received an AMAZING package in the mail from Allied Medal Displays (can't wait to hang up my new BLING RACK). It came in this long, protective piece of cardboard. As soon as I brought the package in the house I saw that Walt was eyeing it. I figured I would let him have a little fun, so let him DEVOUR the cardboard.

Funny thing is, he doesn't eat the cardboard, he just shreds it. (He does the same thing with carrots too - WEIRD, huh?!)

Well, of course I had to grab a couple videos (to send to Ryan and show him what Walt was up to while Ryan was hard at work, making the big bucks so we can max and relax at home) and a couple pictures.

Walt wouldn't sit still during the destruction, so I couldn't get any still shots during the process, but I got one of him while he was admiring his handy work...

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Lauren @Will Run for Boston said...

Our dogs love empty paper towel rolls so after I finished off a roll of wrapping paper at Christmas time I gave it to them to see what they would do. That thing was torn to pieces in .37 seconds! They had so much fun... not so much fun for me to clean up though. haha