Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today's Run

Today's run was GREAT! The weather was awesome. The scenery was amazing. My legs felt great. I didn't look at my watch (and actually still kept a pretty quick pace). Stopped to take a couple pictures along the way. Ran down The Strand, past the Pier, and around the Oceanside Harbor. What a beautiful (and dare I say practically perfect) day!

Running down The Strand is a BEAUTIFUL setting! Right along the Pacific Ocean. 

A shot under the Oceanside Pier. 

The Pier. 

Sometimes you just need to RUN!

Loved the way this chain looked. 

Ran next to Camp Pendleton (the military base) and to the end of the Harbor. 

Do you love your shoes? 

Not too shabby for not looking at my watch :)

Love your swollen feet!

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