Monday, February 24, 2014

REVIEW: CoCo Hydro

I wore my RunnerBox tee out on this morning's 4 mile run, so I figured I might as well review one of the products I received in my most recent RunnerBox - it's only fitting, right?!

I want to preface this review by stating I LOVE WATER! I know some people think it is "boring" or have to "force" themselves to drink it, but thankfully this is NOT me. I can drink it from morning to night without an issue (okay, maybe my bladder has a slight issue with it ;) ).

In my most recent RunnerBox I received a packet of CoCo Hydro, which is a plant-based electrolyte drink mix. I got the Pineapple flavor (but also have Lemon Lime Sport from a different shipment that I have yet to try) - which I was stoked about (love me some pineapple goodness). I normally don't like "coconut water" for some reason. Maybe it is that I would rather have plain water or maybe it is just the brands I have tried in the past. I know coconut water has GREAT hydration benefits {naturally occurring nutrients of zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium}, but I guess I have never really found one that I love enough to trade it in for my standard H2O.

I decided I would mix up the packet before heading out on this morning's run and put it in the fridge (another thing about me - I love my liquids EXTRA COLD - the more ice and the colder, THE BETTER!). I noticed right away how GREAT it smelled. It was like a tropical island right in my kitchen!

I went out for my four miles around 10am, so it still wasn't too warm yet, but was probably in the mid-60s. If you know much about you, you probably know I sweat... A LOT... so even if it isn't extremely hot I still need to make sure I am hydrating.


When I got home I grabbed my mason jar out of the fridge, snapped a picture, added a few ice cubes, and gulped it down. A few things I noticed - 1. It still tasted like coconut water (this can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether this is something you enjoy), 2. The pineapple flavor was a lot more fragrant than tasteful (meaning I smelled it a lot more than I tasted it - in my opinion I wish I would have been able to taste it a little more, but understand that you are still trying to make sure it is a natural, healthy hydrating drink - not something like a fruit juice that has a strong taste but full of sugars and extra additives), and 3. The flavor was fresh tasting and had little-to-no after taste (which is different than other coconut waters that I have tasted in the past).

Like I said, coconut water isn't my go-to hydration station, so I probably wouldn't buy this on the regular, but I also didn't hate it (which can be a big thing in my book). If you enjoy coconut water, than I would definitely recommend giving CoCo Hydro a try. If coconut water isn't your jam, then I would probably suggest passing, seeing as it is still very much that - it has water from 2 coconuts per package.

As always, if YOU would like to try RunnerBox and have the opportunity to try out the CoCo Hydration (it is in the February/ March box, so if you order it now, it should be included in your shipment) AND THEN SOME, make sure to use my ambassador code to get 10% off your order!

Is coconut water your jam? Do you prefer "plain" water or some other form of hydration?

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