Friday, February 7, 2014

Dating ABCs: O

I can't believe it is already Friday and I still haven't posted our date from this past weekend - OOPS!

This date I would say I definitely took one for the team. You see, my hubby loves craft beer. I, on the other hand, do NOT. I don't like the smell of beer, the taste reminds of me pee (NO, I haven't drank pee, but if I did I would assume it would have the same flavor), and I would rather just stick to water. Well, I know my hubby has been wanting to go to a local brewery, so I decided I would be a good wife and suggest we go there for our O Date.

Obviously it did NOT take much convincing to get Ry to want to head over to Oceanside Ale Works Saturday afternoon.

He likes doing the 'tasters' - that way he can try a few different beers and doesn't have to commit to one in case he ends up not liking it (not to mention he has this Untappd App on his phone that he gets to check-in beers he's tried, so trying a few different one gets him further along in his little app thing).

Ryan even put his tasters in the shape on an O for our date ;)

We hung out a bit, but after he finished his tasters I was pretty ready to go. I mean, there wasn't much to do, other than drink beer... But for Ry, he was in heaven ;)

You can tell he is happy, huh?! 

Oside PRIDE!

Not sure if this was another O of just showing his empty cups...

On the way out I made sure we took a picture together. Well, this turned out to be easier said than done. The sign on the building was pretty high up, and with the bright sun, the parking lot, and our goofiness it took us quite a few tries.

I guess this one was the best...

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