Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walt's Weekend

This weekend Ryan and I took Mr. Walt over to the Hosp Grove Trails. We have been meaning to go over there for a while now and finally remembered to do it. We stopped by on the way home from my race Saturday morning and hiked the East trails. And then this afternoon we went over there and hiked the West Trails. I would say it was about 2 miles each day. Not too long of a hike, but remember, we had a wiener dog in tow.

Below are a couple shots we took while out there this weekend.

He just looks so majestic, doesn't he?! 

Look at what Jesus gave us!

Yep, we found a rope swing so Ryan HAD to try it out

I can't tell if Walt is squinting or smiling :)
And a little video... Ryan loves taking Walt 'off-roading'

And with all that activity, now Walt is OUT FOR THE COUNT :)

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