Monday, September 9, 2013

REVIEW: Sport Beans

The really RADICAL folks over at Sports Beans sent me some of their Energizing Jelly Beans and Protein Recovery Crisps to test for them. [I also received some of the Protein Recovery Crisps in my RunnerBox that I was sent in August – and had reviewed here.]

Ryan, my hubby, has used the Energizing Jelly Beans for a few of our training runs in the past (he had picked up some sample packs at different race expos). He was using them midway through our long runs, normally when we would turn around to head back (so for example, if the run was 12 miles, he would take them around mile 6), to give him an extra little boost.


Ryan and I both used the Energizing Jelly Beans prior to the Disneyland Half Marathon. Ryan had a full serving of the Assorted Pack and I had half a serving of the Fruit Punch (the two flavors that they sent us to try out). As you may remember for my recap of the race, it was EXTREMELY HOT AND HUMID! We were shooting for a finishing time of 2:30 (this was my husband’s very first half marathon) and we actually finished in a time of 2:22.

Now, I can’t say for sure that it was the beans, but I do believe they played a role. We were up that morning around 4am, so anything that can give you a little extra energy (and not upset your stomach  [like some gels do to my tummy] or make you have to use the restroom [like an energy drink]) I am ALL for trying!

Like I mentioned, I only had a half serving. One of the great things is that the beans come in a re-sealable bag. This made it extremely convenient for me to carry without the fear of them all emptying in my running belt. Since I only took half a serving of the Energizing Jelly Beans I was able to use the remaining beans before this past weekend’s Aloha Run 5K.

Sports Beans has recently released their Protein Recovery Crisps. The best way to explain them is like a protein malt ball :). Ryan used the Chocolate Crisps after we finished the Disneyland Half Marathon, and I tried out the Berry Smoothie flavor. I love that they are a convenient way of getting protein into your system after an intense workout. There are a lot of studies out in the sports world that explain how important protein is, specifically after workouts – helping to rebuild and repair your muscles - so I am excited to see products that follow the science.


Both Ryan and I preferred the chocolate flavor to the berry flavor. I normally like ‘fruity’ flavors, but I think because it reminded me of malt ball, the chocolate flavor seemed to go a little better with what I was expecting. Again, I can’t be 100% certain that this is the reason that Ryan and I felt great after our half, but I do think it have a big part in it. The convenience and size of the crisps makes it easy to put in your running belt or gym bag and pop in your mouth once you finish your tough workout.

Have you ever tried any of the Sports Beans products before? If so, what was your experience? 

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