Sunday, September 15, 2013

REVIEW: Handana

Katie, the super sweet creator of Handana, sent me one of her awesome products to test out and review.


Stevens Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis is a severe allergic drug reaction.
 Painful Blistering of the skin and mucous membrane involvement.
– In many cases preceded with flu like symptoms and high fever.
– As it evolves the skin literally sloughs off.
– Ocular involvement includes severe conjunctivis, iritis, palpebral edema, conjunctival and corneal

I sweat... a lot... I wish I could say "I sparkle", but for the most part it is just a LOT of sweat when I work out. [But hey, I tell myself, it shows that I am working, right?!] I've actually heard a quote that I love repeating to myself when I am covered in sweat - "SWEAT LIKE A PIG TO LOOK LIKE A FOX" :).


Katie sent me a hot pink (love the color - how did she know?!) Handana. They come in multiple colors and sizes (mine is an extra small - to give you an idea, my wedding ring is a size 3.5, so I have super small hands). I LOVE that they are made in America. I have worn it on two runs thus far - a virtual 5K on Friday and a six-miler this morning - and I hardly noticed it, even in the heat and humidity. It was extremely convenient to be able to wipe the sweat off and not have to maneuver my hand all awkwardly or stretch out my shirt sleeve. It was super soft and really did 'fit like a glove'. It's great that you can throw it into the wash and it is ready to go for your next workout.

Handana's manifesto is to inspire others to cross their finish line no matter where it is in life and to empower others along the way. LOVE IT! Any company looking to inspire and encourage is GREAT in my book!!

If you'd like to pick up a Handana to try yourself, check out their website here. Also, I highly suggest 'liking' Handana on Facebook, that way you are able to stay up-to-date on everything going on (whether it is new colors, giveaways, or upcoming sales). If you are on Twitter - you should follow Handana if you don't already! Even if you aren't a super sweaty athlete like me, I think you could definitely use a Handana [PS They are for MEN and WOMEN alike!].

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