Friday, September 13, 2013

September Soaring Virtual 5K

This afternoon I participated in JostRunning's September Virtual 5K.

I have to say, it probably wasn't the smartest plan to do it during the hottest part of the day, but hey, I wanted to get it done when I got home from work (especially since today is my hubby, Ryan's, 30TH BIRTHDAY, so we have celebrating to do tonight so I needed to knock this out).

I wanted to beat my 5K time from this past weekend, but at the same time tried to take it somewhat easy because I didn't want my shin (or knee, which has been giving me an issue the last two days) to get irritated.

I am happy to say I beat my last week's time by about 45 seconds. I even had negative splits - 9:14 for the first mile, 9:04 for the second mile, 8:44 for the second mile, and about about 7:44 minute mile pace for the last tenth of a mile. [Full disclosure - The first mile has quite a bit of uphill, so that means mile three has quite a bit of downhill, which helped with the negative splits :) ]

I DID have to stop and stretch my shin - which bummed me out, but again, I don't want to do anything to cause injury, so if I have to stop and stretch or slow down to avoid tearing or pulling something I will. **I have to say, this is HUGE for me... I MUST be growing as a runner/ athelete. I AM STARTING TO LISTEN TO MY BODY!!**

PS When Ryan printed my bib for this race he selected 'fit to page', which made it pretty HUGE. Normally the bib is NOT that large. (I am a fairly small girl, but even so, the bib shouldn't take over my whole midsection :) )

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