Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things I'm Digging

Things I am really digging right now:

Ice Cubes [no, not the artist, the frozen water kind] - I have been chomping on it daily (keeps me hydrated, cool, and tricks my brain into thinking I am eating when it is bored)

Spearmint - specifically in gum, but I just can't get enough minty flavor right now

Social Media - I signed up for a Twitter account recently (mostly as another way to enter contests and giveaways :) ), have been remembering to check me Pinterest more frequently, have been trying to stay more active on the Facbeook pages/ groups I am a part of, have been posting more pictures on my Instagram account, etc.

Our porch - Whether it is snuggling on the futon with the puppy or the hubby, reading a magazine or watching baseball, or just enjoying the cooler night air (seeing as it has been awfully warm during the day this past week or so), I love being out there.

Sometimes the futon turns into the LARGEST dog bed

Snuggle time

College Football - DUH! This goes without question. I mean summer is my favorite season because of the sunshine, but fall is a close second due to MICHIGAN FOOTBALL! I could spend all Saturday watching different games, commentaries, etc, and not feel like the day was wasted one bit.

Ryan and I at The Big House for the first Under The Lights Game

Padot clan tailgating before the first Under The Lights game

Ryan and I after the HUGE WIN in The Big House for the first Under The Lights Game

Alt-J - I've been jammin' out to the CD while working out this week. [No, I don't know what they are saying in most of the parts, but it has quite the beat to push yourself to your limits, don't you think?!]

What are you really digging right now?

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