Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My Garmin [I haven't used my Garmin since before I screwed up my IT Band. Today was the first day with it back (mostly because my runs between then and now haven't been too long). I was slightly worried to see how I would do, but I am SUPER excited to report that I feel like I am running even faster than I was before my injury (but hey, that isn't too tough). Tonight I ran 6+ miles, all of which were sub 9:30, except for the last one, which was in the 9:40s - probably because I was super hot (we are having a 'heat wave' - about 84* and 70% humidity), I had already ridden my bike for 6 miles before my run, and hey, the time on that last mile was still faster than what I am hoping to do for my half.]

Long Weekend [Today was our 'Friday' - YAY! I know, it always seems like the week following a short week seems to drag on, but I won't worry about that until Monday :) For now, I am focusing on the fact that I don't have to go back into the office for 3 days (AND I get a 3 day break from my training for my race - whoo hoo).]

New Bella Costas [Ryan brought me home a new pair of shoes - he knows the way to a woman's heart, huh?! I think this new line is super awesome (similar to the TOMS ballet flats). I am excited to wear them. They are super cute. The ones I got are red. I love being a billboard for my hubby's company, especially when we get stuff at a great price!]

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