Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yuma Like A Puma

Two weekends ago Ryan and I went to Yuma, AZ with some friends. We went to 'the river' - which for people in Southern California, apparently that means to the Colorado River. The temps were up in the triple digits (I don't think I saw it below 105* on the car thermometer, even at night after dinner). We drove out Friday morning, spent that afternoon, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday morning in the river. There was some wake boarding, wake surfing, boogie boarding, sand bar hanging, and a lot of floating. We all had a great time. There were 14 of us all together (5 couples from our small group, plus one set of kids and an aunt and uncle). We have chatted about making it an annual trip - but maybe earlier in the year, since the water was probably 95* in August - not as refreshing as you would like. I grabbed a couple of the pictures from folks Instagrams, but maybe when more start appearing online I will put them on here.

And a little video of Ryan doing some wake surfing (he hadn't done it before, and LOVES it).

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