Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I thought I would do a Thankful Thursday Entry all about my HUBBY!!! Why – you may ask?! Because it is our 4 year wedding anniversary, duh! Normally I try to write my TT posts about things that tend to fly under the radar, because OBVIOUSLY I am thankful for friends, family, and my husband. But since it just happens to be our anniversary, I thought I would write a TT post for different things I am thankful for ABOUT my husband!

Ry made us a fun JibJab (but had to pay for it and didn't want to do it, so just showed me the preview this morning when I woke up) and we took a screenshot.

His sense of humor [I don’t need to toot my husband’s horn, but he is pretty AWESOME! If you are around him for more than 5 or 10 minutes, you have probably at least chuckled. He is… um…. unique. And his brain doesn’t work the same as most other folks. Sometimes it may be hard to follow his train of thought, but man, he can get you laughing because he is just silly. The things that come out of his mouth sometimes just cause people to look around and wonder where he came up with that. He is quite funny (… funny looking J - JK RY!)]

His desire to give me the best [He always wants to make sure that I am happy. He will do his darnedest to make sure that I am satisfied, even if that means he goes with a little less, or does something that he isn’t 100% stoked about but knows it makes me happy (like taking pictures with the characters at Disneyland). Of course we have our fights, but he is always sure to make sure I know he loves me, even if we don't like each other at that moment.]

His creativity [Similar to his sense of humor, his brain just works differently than mine. He always has such great a creative ideas, whether it is ideas for art or a pair of board shorts to ideas for dates or things to do on the weekends. His brain is always going and compliments mine since mine is very list and task driven and his is very colorful and flowy :).]

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Anonymous said...

i've never come across a more well suited couple....even more than your daddy and me :)
God has truly blessed you guys with each other!!!!
you are loved!!!!!