Sunday, August 26, 2012

Only A Week Away

A week from today I will have this hanging from around my neck.

I can't believe my first half marathon is only a week away! My mom asked me yesterday if I was nervous and I said 'Of Course'. But not because of the potential pain, not because I am worried I won't be able to finish (I hopefully could walk it and still cross the finish line), but more because I don't want to be disappointed in my time. I have a goal in mind and I really hope that I can accomplish it. I have been training for essentially 9 months (started in January and the race will be September 2nd). I know there have been hiccups (aka my IT Band) along the way, but I feel like I have put in a lot of work and would be slightly disappointed if I didn't see it pay off.

About a week or two ago I found out that one of my friends will be running this race with me. She had a bunch of crazy (amazing) things happen and everything just fell into place for it to work out. She has run a few half marathons before (I feel like I am always asking her training questions), so I am slightly more confident because I know I will have an experienced veteran along side of me (if I can keep up, that is :) ).

Wish me luck :)

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