Sunday, August 19, 2012

Michigan Picnic

My dad is the Business Agent of Local 671 Plumbers and Pipefitters in Monroe. One of his duties is to put on the Summer Picnic. I grew up going to these things - eating the single serving sizes of ice cream, jumping in the bounce houses, trying to win coverall in bingo (because you won $50 - and that is BIG money), crossing my fingers that I would win a bike (which I never did), rolling down hills, playing balloon toss for prizes, eating too much, etc. The annual picnic was yesterday. This year, instead of the standard prizes of things like box fans and ice tea makers, my mom suggested that they get all MADE IN MICHIGAN prizes. They have been going to street fairs, markets, etc most of the summer stocking up on prizes. Apparently it was a HUGE success. No one knew that the prizes were all going to be coming from in-state, so when they found out everyone loved it. I made sure that my dad took pictures of all the fun gifts.

CONGRATS on another successful picnic, daddy-o! And WAY TO GO with your idea, madre! You two ROCK!!

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