Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

Increasing My Running [My IT band hasn't been bothering me lately, so my 'coach' has allowed me to increase my running slightly. We met up yesterday to set my next week and a half of training. I even have one day of 60 minutes of running. When we were going over the upcoming training days I was getting slightly giddy when the numbers were increasing from the 5 minutes I was doing a few weeks ago to 60 minutes :) My 'coach' said he has never seen anyone that happy about running.]

Others Seeing My Heart [I hope this one doesn't come across as tooting my own horn or anything like that. Today I received a message on Facebook that really made me smile. I am thankful that I can be a light to others and live out my faith (and LOVE FOR OTHERS) loud and proud. I am also thankful that I am being a good example. I've heard it said, ""you may be the only Jesus (or Bible) some people may every see"". I am thankful that others can see my faith through my actions.]

College Football [Okay, I know it is a month away, but I LOVE Saturdays during college football. Our friends may not, since we are stuck in front of the TV (or at the sports bar, since we don't have cable), but how can you not love it. And yes, I realize the jersey below may never happen, but it is SWEET, don't ya think?!]

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I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!