Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unicorn Horn

This afternoon I had to go in for minor surgery. I have had two cysts on my head for probably 12 years now. Lately Ryan has mentioned that he thinks they are growing and I should have them checked out. Normally I avoid doctors at all costs, but because I know Ryan's worry-wart (get the pun?!) ways, I went made an appointment. I went in to my doctor last week and she referred me in for minor surgery to have them removed. They were pilar cysts - which I guess 90% of cases are on the scalp. They are just growths, nothing to worry about, but since they were a decent size she thought I should have them taken care of.

The procedure was pretty quick - I think about 20 minutes total. They used local anesthesia to numb my head (but I surely felt the 'numbing' shot and some of the work). The doctor was able to cut both of them out and then stitch me up. The stitches will dissolve on their own, so thankfully I won't have to go in to have them removed. It has been about 2 and a half hours since the procedure and it is starting to be uncomfortable. It isn't like I have a pounding headache, just tight on my head. [Oh yeah, and if you know me and my 'hard skin' issues, I may have a slight problem with letting the scabs heal...]

By the way, in case you are confused on the title of the post, we call the bumps (one was larger and towards the middle of the front of my head and one was smaller towards the middle of the top of my head) my unicorn horns. I know, unicorns only have one horn, but the big one in front on my head is really the only one anyone ever notices.

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