Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funday

What did you do today? We went to Target and bought kites to fly! It was awfully breezy out and a high of only about 60*, so we decided it would be perfect flying weather. Ryan picked out an Angry Bird kite and I got a pretty swirl design one. We headed down to the beach and let them soar. At lunch Ryan told me, "You can put this on your blog - I want to get into kite flying more often." What a goof-ball of a hubby I have :) But a fun lovin' guy I would NEVER trade!

We worked up quite an appetite from kite flying :)

Ry hitched his kite on a rock so that he could take a little video of our adventure. He lets his out a lot further than mine, which is why his seems so much higher (but hey, he has to wrap up a lot more string when we are done too).

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