Sunday, April 8, 2012

Real "Notebook"

Couple Married 70 Years, Leeland Widga and Agnes Widga, Share Marriage Secrets

What's the secret to 70 years of marriage?

Love and commitment, according to Minneapolis couple Leeland and Agnes Widga, who have been married for seven decades.

Despite the fact that his wife suffers from Alzheimer's disease, 92-year-old Leeland is staying positive. Every day, for hours on end, the couple sits together, listening to old tunes and holding hands.

“We took a vow, in sickness and in health, be together -- and we just maintained that,” Leeland told CBS Minnesota.

The couple married in 1942 after meeting at a school where they were both teachers. Aside from an 11-month break during World War II, the couple has spent their entire marriage side-by-side.

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