Monday, April 9, 2012

Good stinkin'

Ry and I were video chatting with my parents yesterday. We were chatting about my running and recent aches. My mom mentioned that I should go back to the elliptical for a while, so that my joints can heal up - since it is low impact (as opposed to the asphalt and sidewalk that I run on outside. I never even thought of that. I know it may seem silly, but running on the elliptical again never entered my mind. I guess once I started running outside, in my head, I thought that I was actually starting to train (I don't know why I thought that the 2-3 months worth of gym running wasn't ""training"" all of a sudden). So tonight after work I hit up the gym and put in a good 7 miles on the elliptical. Of course, I know running outside is much different that running inside, but at least I will keep up my endurance while I give my knees and ankles a little time to heal (and time to get me to the Running Center to get new shoes). So THANKS MADRE for reminding me that running and training doesn't always have to be outside.

So, in the words of Dory:

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Anonymous said...

just don't want you to hurt....but also not to be discouraged. love you little one!!!! xoxoxox