Sunday, April 29, 2012


Ry and I went over to see Sam at American Tattoo on Friday. I wanted to get a 'Smitten With The Mitten' tattoo and Ryan wanted another more traditional piece. [The pictures aren't the best, since they are just quick shots from Ryan's phone right after they were done, but we are super pumped with how they turned out, so why not share them :) ]

I got an outline of the state of Michigan, with a heart by my hometown and a banner that says 'Smitten'.

This was the inspiration behind the placement (originally I wanted it on my shoulder blade, but liked the inner arm better when I came across the picture)

Ryan actually got one of his old tattoos (an outline of a star) reworked into a compass with a ship wheel around it.

The before shot

The outline

With color (the following morning)

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