Saturday, April 7, 2012


What a bummer. Earlier this week my body was pretty achey. My knees and ankles were starting to bother me. I wasn't quite sure (and still am not) if it was the running I was doing (training for a half marathon), if it was the walking I was going (on my lunch break), if it was the non-sleep I was getting (tried ""sleeping"" on the floor one night and the couch another night this week), if it was my fibromyalgia that was flaring up (either due to the weather or just the craptastic-ness that is the disorder), if it is that I might need new running shoes (I don't think I have put near enough miles on my current ones to be ready for them, but a lot of sites comment about that the shoes might have to do with the aches and pains), etc.

I ran on Monday (didn't feel too terrible) and Wednesday (was pretty achey by this point). Yesterday everything was still real achey so I decided to take a rest day. I know, I know, I am only running three times a week, so the other 4 days are already my rest days, but still. I would hate to hurt myself and then not be able to run in the 5ks I signed up for next month or have to take a longer break in my training due to pulling or tearing something. It was actually pretty hard for me to not go out and run yesterday - and put me in a pretty sour mood for a while. It felt like I was giving up, like I would lose momentum, but after thinking about it for most of the day, I would rather take a couple extra days now than possibly have to take longer off if I really hurt myself down the road.

So for now, it is icing my knees and ankles, going to the running store to get some new shoes, and taking off a few extra days until I have no more pain (okay, so with my fibro I doubt I will never have 'no pain', but at least I will be waiting until my knees and ankles are back to their 'two weeks ago' feeling).

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