Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vespanomics 101

Vespanomics 101

1. Here's a quick course to get you "up to speed" on Vespanomics and why we're so passionate about it.
2. If you want to graduate to the next course level, visit to get more information, access surveys and studies and other materials on the subject.
3. So, what is Vespanomics? In a nutshell, it's the satisfaction and exhilaration Vespa owners feel, knowing they're:

**Saving money on gas
*Did you know that if Americans were to switch just 10% of their total mileage to scooters, they would save roughly $42 million on gas and consume 14 million gallons less fuel PER DAY (based on $3/gal average).

**Lowering Carbon dioxide emissions
*If Americans were to switch just 10% of their total mileage to scooters, carbon dioxide emissions could also be reduced by 324 million pounds per day.

**Decreasing traffic congestion
*Vespa's compact body style takes less space on the road and allows you to breeze through heavy traffic.
*By shifting the daytime vehicle mix to 80 percent cars / 20 percent scooters in the Manhattan (New York City) Central Business District (stretching from 60th Street to the lower tip of Manhattan), there would be a total decrease in delay of more than 4.6 million hours per year - which translates to time savings of nearly 100 working hours per person annually.

**Fashionable yet classic
*Vespa is THE iconic Italian brand. For over 60 years, Vespa has helped define what is cool in fashion, music and film.
*Vespa's celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, James Gandolfini and many, many more.

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