Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Operation: Love Reunited"

Local Photographers Give Back to Military Families Julie Edwards and Other Photographers Offer a Photo Session for "Operation: Love ReUnited" to Celebrate Independence Day

SAN DIEGO, July 2, 2008- As the rest of the country prepares for barbeques, fireworks and family, one group of Americans won't be participating in the Independence Day celebrations - our deployed service men and women. Their families will honor their loved ones' commitment to all of us on this day as they fight for our freedoms.

In an effort to give back to the military families of San Diego and to help deployed service-members connect with their families State-side, Julie Edwards - a San Diego photographer and volunteer for

"Operation: Love Reunited" ( - along with other local "Operation: Love ReUnited" volunteer photographers will offer FREE 30 minute photo sittings on July 3, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Liberty Station, Point Loma.

"Operation: Love ReUnited" is a national non-profit organization of professional photographers that donate their time and services to provide military personnel, separated from their families by their military service, a way to reconnect with them. By offering complimentary portrait sittings for the family and an album of photos sent directly to the deployed service member, "Operation: Love ReUnited" gives hope during the long periods away.

"You caused my husband to tear up, and that takes a lot. We can't say how much we appreciate you doing this for us," said one military spouse after seeing their pictures. "It will be just the lift he needs to receive those pictures."

Currently, "Operation: Love ReUnited" has over 480 volunteer photographers and has helped over 200 families globally connect during the difficult time apart. Portrait sessions have a patriotic theme, with children filling their parent's boots and fatigues. Participants in the July 3rd event are encouraged to bring along their loved one's hats, boots, uniforms, flags, pictures of their service-member to the session.

"Operation: Love ReUnited" was created by Tonee Lawrence, a military wife and mother of three. A photographer, Lawrence felt that this was one way for her and other photographers to give back to the deployed service-members to increase morale and remind those abroad that they are loved and missed.

Appointments are available via

Appointments recommended; otherwise first come first served until 3 p.m.

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