Friday, July 11, 2008


So Ryan and I have been looking for places to move in to after we get married. Because his rent is so cheap (and mine is... well... not) we decided that if we can find a place that would allow me to move in around August 1st that I would move out of my place at the end of July and move in to the new place. I will be commuting down to work for the first two weeks of August, but it is a better decision than having to pay for the full month at a higher rent and have Ryan move out of his cheap place... I don't know if this makes sense as I am explaining it, but it works out better this way. Anyway, we have turned in applications to two places so far. One was in Carlsbad Village. (Note: I have not actually been to either of these places, just have heard second hand through Ryan :) ). It was a 1 bedroom/ 1 bath, but super nice inside (all wood floors, new kitchen, etc etc). Carlsbad Village is a super cool place too (walking distance to the beach, shops, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theater, etc). The next place is in Oceanside. It is a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath with a garage. It has a new kitchen, paint, carpets, etc. It is about 4 blocks to the transit station, 4 blocks to the farmers market, 6 blocks to the beach, etc.

I am riding the train up to Oceanside to meet with the owner of the 2 bedroom (she wants to meet me because I will be living in the place for 2+ weeks before Ryan moves in, so I guess she just wants to get a feel for me or something). We have already been approved for the Carlsbad Village one, but the more we talk about it, the more we think it might be a little too small for us (with all of Ryan's surfboards, our bikes, his artwork and art stuff). We are leaning more towards the Oceanside one. Once we decide I will be sure to let you all know. :) Wherever we end up we will be happy and can't wait to move in together and start our lives as a married couple :).

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