Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our First Apartment

I mentioned (I think) on Friday that I was heading up to Oceanside to check out an apartment with Ryan and meet the landlord (Ryan had met her a couple times already and since I will be moving in before him she wanted to meet me too). It is a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath and extra long garage. When Ryan first went and took pictures I wasn't that impressed, but when I got there it just felt so home-y and something that I could definitely see Ryan and I starting our married life in. It is 6 blocks from the beach, 4 blocks from the transit center, 4 blocks from the farmers market, etc. So when we went Friday we turned in our applications, paid the amount to have each of our credit checked, etc. The lady told us that Friday was a big day for showing, but that we were a step ahead because people had just taken the applications with them, but hadn't turned them in yet. Today the landlord called us and told us that we were APPROVED FOR THE APARTMENT!! Yay!! We are both super excited for our first place together!! Below are a few pictures (it is pretty bland right now, but I guess that is great for us to have a blank palate to work with).

Street view:

They have a ton of flowers, a couple tables/ chairs/ umbrellas set up, a BBQ for us to use:

All brand new appliances (within the last year or so):

Sink view (yay for no more steel sinks):

View of the kitchen from the living room (we are planning on using the bar to eat on, rather than setting up a dining room right away):

Living room (has a little patio outside, room for chairs and fire pit or flowers, etc):

Master bedroom (don't know why Ryan took a picture of the ground?) and closet:

Second bedroom (we will turn into Ryan's office area):

Bathroom (thanks for the toilet shot Ryan):


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What does that mean? Don't scare Ryan off! Other people do read this too! Don't forget "NO PETS". Where would the twins stay?

Love and miss you alot!!!