Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crime Fighter

Last night I turned in to Batwoman... Okay, well not really, but I was a crime fighter :). I was in my apartment and went down to get the mail. The apartment complex has two staircases that lead downstairs. For some reason I always walk towards the alley first and go down that set of stairs. As I was walking toward the alley I saw a group of three kids standing in the alley and then I saw one of the kids walk towards one of the cars of the complex across the alley from my apartment with a coat hanger in his hand that was straightened out (I thought I remembered that if you locked your keys in your car the locksmith people used something that look similar to that to pop your lock)... My crime fighter abilities came out. I sat in my doorway (in the shadows of course) and looked over the three kids (2 boys and 1 girl) and tried to memorize everything about them (height, weight, what they were wearing, etc). I called Ryan but he was looking at a place for us to possibly move so he didn't answer. He called back a few minutes later and I asked him if I should call the police. He reminded me that I had a phone book and in the front it should have the non-emergency numbers for the police. I got off the phone with him and called them. I gave them all the info I had, told them which way they were walking, etc... The lady was very nice and thanked me for calling in the info. She said they would send a unit over to check out the alleys around the area. I felt much better about the situation (I don't think they would have broke in to a car, but I would have felt terrible if they did and then I could have stopped it). Anyway, so I went about my business. I wrote a few thank you cards and decided to walk down to the grocery store (because there is a mail box in front of it) and on the way back I saw the kids again, but they were walking out on the main streets, but looked like they weren't planning on being mischievous anymore... Hopefully everything is a-okay and no cars were hurt :)


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