Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ryan and I went to IKEA last night to pick up the first round of furniture for our new place (okay, we got most of the big stuff, but may go back for what Ryan likes - knickknacks). We got a couch, footstool, chair, footstool, rug, 2 tables, and 2 lamps. I will hopefully be posting pictures of the furniture together and set up around the apartment (but since I am not sure when that will be I figured I would at least post a few pictures of what the pieces will look like :) ).

Anyway, I also wanted to comment on how EXCITED I was to see that IKEA was charging for plastic bags. As you probably all know (if you have been reading my blog for long enough), I am all for reusable bags and the like. Most of the stuff we bought was large furniture that was in easy boxes so we didn't need any bags for that, but for the slipcovers, lamps, light bulbs, etc we decided to grab one bag (and didn't even notice that they charged for it). When we were finishing up our transaction on the Self Service cash register it asked HOW MANY PLASTIC BAGS DID YOU USE? We put in 1 for the one we had and it charged us an extra 5 cents. I know that this might not be a big deal (I know I happily paid the 5 cents, hehe, more because I was pumped they were doing it rather than actually giving up the nickle), but I think that it will force people to actually think about how much they are consuming (and maybe change their habits with it). I just wanted to give a big KUDOS to IKEA. I know it is a small step, but hey, at least it is a step in the right direction!

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Smith Gallery Photography said...

that's awesome... and I LOVE the furniture you picked out! The red will be striking!
PS_ steal the love pose by all means... it's way cute!!!