Friday, June 27, 2008

Wall*E is a Winner

I am getting quite pumped to see the movie, especially since the reviews are coming in so positively!! Hopefully when Ryan and I head to Disney for our Christmas gift they will have some Wall*E gear.

Robot tale "WALL-E" another Pixar masterpiece
This is getting to sound like a broken record: Pixar Animation Studios has just topped itself. Again.

In "WALL-E," following the sublime culinary slapstick of "Ratatouille," Pixar and director-writer Andrew Stanton -- officially the studio's ninth employee way back when -- have spun a whimsical sci-fi fantasy about robots 800 years into the future that has all the heart, soul, spirit and romance of the very best silent movies 60 years ago. Well, you don't expect robots to talk, do you?

While the soundtrack is full of clanking noises, explosions, music and even dance numbers, there is little dialogue as such to get this story told. Stanton and his animation team punch across their terrific (and ecologically sound!) story by inventing a visual and aural language with which these robotic creatures can express a rainbow of emotions.

The film is so clever and sophisticated that you worry, slightly, that it might be too clever to connect with mainstream audiences. But like those worries last year that having a rat for a hero in "Ratatouille" might throw off audiences, surely "WALL-E" will make that connection. It's so sweet and funny that the multitudes undoubtedly will surrender to its many charms.

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