Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MaryBeth's Uncle

Hey everyone. I just wanted to post an article that was written about my friend's uncle. He passed away last week. This is an extremely hard time for the family (as I am sure you could imagine). Please keep the family in your prayers.

Also, if you have time, this is an awesome article about the heart that MaryBeth's uncle had for children.

Mr. B's Playground - Remembering a Loved Heartland Teacher
By: Lauren Keith

Every child looks forward to recess at school, but some don't get to enjoy it like the others do.

That's exactly what Kelly Elementary teacher Marc Boardman saw during his recess duty at the Benton, Missouri playground. It touched his heart as he watched students in wheelchairs not being able to play with other kids because the school's pea gravel kept them from wheeling out to play. There's a sense of urgency and more passion now though....as Mr. Marc Boardman just passed away, June 10th.

Read more of the story here.

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