Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jury Duty

So yesterday I did not post because I was not at work... I was at the Federal Court House... Wasting time for jury duty. I am 'on call' for the entire month of June. What that means is that I am required to call every Sunday and they will let me know if I need to report that week, if I need to call back later in the week for another message, etc. The first two weeks of June I got off scott-free. This past Sunday I called and they told me that I had to report Monday morning at 7:15am... GRRRR. Long story short, I was waiting around A LOT, was on a jury panel but in the end was not chosen to be on the actual jury (THANK GOODNESS). Bummer alert - I DO NOT GET PAID BY MY EMPLOYER, so I asked if I could use a sick day... They said NO. Next time I get called in I will not tell my employer, but simple say I am sick so I can actually get paid (so now the rest of the week I have to make up the 8 hours I missed on Monday from sitting around at the court house)... BOOO!!!

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