Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tattoo touch-up

Not that anyone was really wondering, but I went on Saturday to get some spots on my newest tattoo touched up. Because it is on my wrist I can see it a lot better (than the one on my back or on the top of my feet), so I saw some lines that weren't really taking on my skin and some spots that just seemed lighter than the other ones. If you go back to the same tattoo artist you had it done most of them will do any touch-ups for free - of course we gave Logan a tip of his time though. Anyway, all that being said it is still healing (obviously), but I think I like it better now than I did when I first got it :). Thanks again for the Christmas present Ry!!


Janey said...

I also got a tattoo on my wrist about a week ago. Now that it's healed a little bit, a lot of the ink came off the skin.

How long did you wait until you got your touch-up?

cpm said...

Hey Janey. I actually waited about 4 months. More because I had a lot going on (planning a wedding and the place was not in my town, but in my fiancee's)... I think they told me to call back in 6 weeks and that they would check it out and see if they needed to schedule another appointment.