Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Week

I thought when I was out on Monday I would be able to use my personal/ sick day to cover it. Apparently it is ONLY SICK days, if you are coughing, vomiting, or at least lying and say you are then you cannot use your sick days. What a pile of poo. Since I am still on call for the rest of the month I figured that if I get called in for jury duty any more I will just call in 'sick' so that I can actually get paid for it. I am not asking to be paid for not being here, I am just asking that I am able to use my personal days how I PERSONALLY want to. Oh well. Since I wasn't in on Monday I am making up the 8 hours I missed by working 6:30-5 with a half an hour break for lunch... TALK ABOUT LONG! Yesterday it was okay because I was catching up on work, but I think the rest of the week may slowly drag on....

At least I have a job though! Enough whining for me!

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