Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So I am sure you have all read the stories (if you didn't stay up that late to watch the game) and know that the Wings lost the game last night in triple overtime. Ryan and I had our pre-marriage class from 7-9 so I don't get home till about 9:45 on Monday nights. At our break around 8:00pm last night I checked my voicemail and had a harassing (just kidding) voicemail from a Pittsburgh fan informing me about going into overtime. Then when we got out of class Ryan's parents had left him a message saying we were in double overtime. I tried to get the game on the radio (I went through ALL the FM and AM stations and NOTHING) so about 5 minutes before I got home I called Ryan to see the update. He called his parents (because he was at the grocery store) and they told him we were going into triple overtime (which I thought would work out well because I would be home to watch). I got home, walked into the door, turned on the game and low and behold Pittsburgh scored. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. At least we have two more games to win the cup... COME ON BOYS!

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