Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrumptious Salad

So last night I went to pick up groceries. I have been getting pretty sick on my menu. Normally I will have a cup of yogurt in the morning (around 930 or so), a PB&J for lunch (around noon) and then about a cup of carrots (I love carrots) (around 2:30 or so). I will switch up my dinners or course, but my lunches have pretty much been the same for about 6 months now. I looked in my cupboard and noticed I had a lot of canned veggies (corn, peas, beans, etc) and figured that I would get some spring mix and make myself a couple big salads for lunch this week.

Boy did I hit the jackpot! So last night when I got home I made sure to get everything ready (draining the corn, rinsing the kidney beans, chopping the carrots, etc) so this morning all I had to do with throw it in a Tupperware container and go. It was SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS!!

Today my salad had: Spring mix, Mushrooms, Corn, Kidney Beans, Baby Carrots and some American Cheese. I bought I new bottle of Honey Mustard Dressing (that can also be used as a marinade). YUM-MY! I think tomorrow I will add in some peas, maybe some garbanzo beans, who knows... Guess we will just go back in the pantry and see what else I can find :). Anyway, all that to say that it doesn't need to take a lot of money, prep time, or work to make a HUGE, TASTY salad. (PS I don't like tomatoes in the first place, but even if I did most places, including TACO BELL, hehe, are taking them off the shelves because of the salmonella problems).

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