Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Favorites

Originally I wasn't going to share a Friday Favorites today because I've got a ton spinning around in this little head of mine, but I thought maybe taking a few extra minutes to put together the post would at least give my brain a brief break from the insanity racing around in there. So, without further ado, let's jump into a few things I am lovely lately.

The Game Changers

If you know me (whether in real life or through social media), you may know I have been a vegetarian for many moons (my final meat meal was on New Years Eve 2004). In the past few months I've been trying more dairy-free alternatives so I can transition to a fully plant-based lifestyle. I had heard about the documentary "The Game Changers" when it was released in the theaters a few weeks ago and was STOKED to hear it would be streaming on Netflix. I was able to watch the film yesterday and found it super informative. It's not your typical "pro-vegan" type movie where they show slaughter houses or maimed animals - it's focused on athletes and their training and recovery. If you have Netflix I'd absolutely recommend you give it a watch (it's also available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, etc). And, like many of the folks mention in the film, it isn't an all or nothing approach (although, truth be told, I'd much prefer you to cut animal products out of your diet 100%, but I know it isn't a reality for most folks to go cold turkey), it can start one meal at a time.


Momentum #beYOUtiful Wraps

Why is it so easy to compliment others, yet so difficult to say the same things about ourselves? Let's quiet that internal voice that is our harshest and unrelenting critic. Let's change the conversations inside our own head. Momentum's #beYOUtiful "movement" is running from October 14th through 28th, when they have discounted their "i am ____" wraps ($15 per wrap) - including their three new sayings - as well as are encouraging folks to share pictures with their #beYOUtiful signs. The hope is we can fill in the blank with the words and kindness we should be telling OURSELVES... reclaiming our power to write our own story. Let's strive to become better versions of ourselves.


New AdventureMobile

Wowser, this has been a long time coming. The hubby and I sold our VW Eurovan a while ago and have just been tent camping in the meantime, but we finally found a new rig and pulled the trigger. We got a 2008 F-150 and added a Four Wheel Camper (we got the slide in, pop-up Hawk model) into the truck bed. I'll do a full post on it soon (I want to include "action" shots and we don't have a trip planned until Thanksgiving), but I figured I'd at least spread the word about our new purchase. We are so excited to start adventuring in it. PS If you have any ideas for a name, let us know ;)

PhDistance Tiny Art

I don't remember how I came across Jacqueline's IG account, but I was probably tagged in a giveaway she was running. She does these tiny art pieces celebrating strong athletes (and sells them on her etsy page) and they are AMAZEBALLS! Now that we've redecorated the office I need to figure out how many of her pieces I can fit into the space ;) #NeedThemAll

What are you loving lately?

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