Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Favorites {& GIVEAWAY}

Happy FriYAY! Hopefully this weekend not only brings a little maxing and relaxing, but maybe a little reprieve from the heat. Man alive, you would think after 13 years in the San Diego area I would get used to the "SoCal Fall", but year after year I forget how intense it can be. The high for the past three days has been above 90 DEGREES AT THE BEACH! The heat wave is supposed to break soon, but, let's be real, I'd much prefer a week long heatwave than the snow or freezing temps some of you are dealing with. Anywho, besides our fans, let's see what else I am loving lately...

The Great British Baking Show

I don’t remember who I heard talking about this show recently, but someone I follow on social media was mentioning how he/she was loving it so I added it to my list in Netflix. I wouldn’t say that I love it as much as Nailed It (I mean, that is pure gold), but it’s something fun to have on in the background when I’m doing stuff around the house. It’s a little different than some of the other cooking shows because the contestants can practice some of their "bakes" at home, but I still can get down on a baking competition (especially since we don't have the Food Channel anymore after ditching cable a few years back). I’m only mid-way through the first season thus far, but enjoying it enough to continue.


Amazon Fire Stick

While I’m on the subject of Netflix and “entertainment”, I’ve gotta mention the Amazon Fire Stick. Now I know we are WAY LATE to the party on this, but we had been using our Xbox to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime on our TV for a while. Well, our Xbox is old and LOUD (like you can hear the fans running and the gears grinding the entire time it’s on so the volume of the TV has to be extra loud to drowned out those noises) so when we saw a good deal on a Fire Stick we snagged on. Um... let’s just say I can’t believe we haven’t done this sooner! It is so easy and silent ;).


Christmas Music

Okay, so I ALWAYS LOVE Christmas music, but I normally try to limit when I allow myself to listen to it because I don’t want it to get played out (although I’m not sure that could ever happen in my book, but still). Well, normally my official start date is my birthday, but this year I actually waited until THIS WEEK to turn on the Classic Christmas Radio on Pandora (it was my treat after the Ventura Marathon). It obviously feels a little weird singing about a white Christmas while it is almost 100° outside, but hopefully with the break in the heat soon it’ll feel a little more like the holiday season ;).

PROBAR's New Website

I have been lucky enough to be an ambassador with PROBAR for a while now, but even if I wasn't I would still chow down on their products because they are plant-based, real food and oh-so delicious. I could eat upwards of five of their products in a single day (a PROTEIN bar for breakfast {frosted coconut or frosted peanut butter are my jam}, BOLT chews during my run for fuel {pink lemonade is my fave}, a pack of the nut butter with my banana for a snack {superfood almond is my go-to flavor}, a MEAL bar for lunch {thankfully I don't have to pick my top choice because they have a variety pack} and a BITE bar for a evening snack {coconut almond is the one I'm currently digging the most}). Anyway, they have recently updated their packaging and within the last week or two pushed out their new, pretty website. If you haven't given it a look, you definitely should. Well, a couple weeks ago they sent me some extra product and I want to pass it along to one of you. One lucky reader will win a 12 pack of the Raspberry BOLT Chews to keep them #FueledByPROBAR. Entering is easy, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below and throw your name into the proverbial hat. The random winner will be selected on Tuesday - easy peasy, lemon breezy! {FYI: If you don't win, can't wait or want a different product, you can use code "CARLEE" to save 30% off on your order. But, don't wait, the discount code is until valid through November 30th!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will run through Monday, October 28th at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be contacted on Tuesday, October 29th via the email address on their Rafflecopter account and has 24 hours to claim their prize (make sure your information is up-to-date and you check your email regularly). US Residents only. All entries are verified, so do whatever the required action for the entry is or it will be disqualified. I'd hate for you to miss out due to a technicality, so if you're going to click the option, make sure you do whatever it asks or a new, random winner will be selected in your place. Best of luck!

What are loving lately?


Sarah White said...

I've tried so many products during this marathon cycle, but I always go back to the Bolt Chews! Love ProBar!

Unknown said...

Clif Gels or Powerbar Gels! - Kim K.

Emily (littlerunnerem) said...

I usually use Gus, gummy bears, or fig bars. All depends on the distance of the run!

starzine said...

Granola bar 1-2 hours before.