Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday Favorites

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but this week seemed to fly by (maybe it's because I am starting to get nervous about my next race and wishing time would slow down so I'd have more time to train and the exact opposite seems to be happening). But one positive is that that means it's almost chips and salsa time... after my long run of course ;) #Priorities

Sending Snail Mail

If you remember my 19 goals for 2019, you may remember sending more mail via the good ol' fashioned pony express was one of my goals for the year. Well, when I heard about James South, a WWII veteran asking for 100 cards to celebrate his 100th birthday you know I was all in. Obviously I sent him a hand written note (letters hold a special place in is heart because his girlfriend {who then became his wife of 55 years before she passed} wrote him one a day for each day he was away at war). His birthday is October 7th, so you don't have a ton of time before the card needs to be for a belated birthday, but hopefully you can drop a quick, happy wish in the mail for his fella.


Keep Nature Wild's Camp Wild Collection

I swear it seems like I'm sharing about something new from Keep Nature Wild every other week, but they keep releasing some amazing stuff. I'm thinking I could put just about everything from the new Camp Wild Collection on my #DearSanta list, but my favorites are definitely the Deep Grey Wildbear Unisex Long Sleeve, Heather Black Nurture our Nature Unisex Tee, Heather Mustard Stand For Fleece Raglan Pullover, and Meadow Green Wild Pine Fleece Raglan Pullover. Oh yeah, and you can't forget the stickers that are a MUST, like the I'd Rather Be Outside Forest Sticker, Wildbear Sticker, Camp Wild Sticker and KNW Mountainside Sticker. And in case you happen to be someone looking for gift ideas for me, I'll take the shirts in an XS, please and thank you ;) PS Don't forget, for every product sold, they pick up ONE POUND of trash!

Recycled REI Bags

If you didn't know, I have a thing for bags... I'm not sure why or where it came from, but I'm pretty sure I could buy a new bag (like backpack or travel bag, not purse) or reusable water bottle every day and never have too many. Anywho, Patagonia’s Black Hole bags may look the same, but now the duffels, cubes and other staples are made with 100% recycled body fabric and webbing, giving factory scraps and plastic bottles a second life. Uh, YUP! I guess I don't "need" another duffle, but I'm pretty sure I could use a fanny pack in my life, right?! Now to decide on which color I like more...

I'm leaning towards the Cobalt Blue, but the Peppergrass Green Patchwork is growing on me too...

Anniversary Tours

The hubby and I bought tickets for TWO 20 Year Anniversary Tours (I can't believe we are old enough to be going to concerts for folks who are celebrating their TWENTIETH YEAR ANNIVERSARY... I mean, where did the time go and how did we get so old?!). We'll be going to Saves The Day's 20 Year Anniversary of Through Being Cool in Anaheim in November (there are only four tour dates for this one, so we may have paid an arm and a leg for the sold out tickets, but we are STOKED) and Dashboard Confessional's 20 Year Celebration in San Diego in February. We aren't huge on material things, but experiences are our JAM! We can't wait to rock out at these two shows! #PunkRockPrincess

What are you loving lately?

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