Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Movies of the Month {May}

A few months ago the hubby and I each signed up for a MoviePass membership. In case you're unfamiliar with the program, you pay $9.95 per month and can see as many movies in the theater as you'd like (there are a few restrictions... like "unlimited" means one per day, only certain theaters work, no 3D or IMAX films, and can only see the same movie once, but for the most part it's all-inclusive). Although going to the theater has never really been my jam, it speaks the hubby's love language so I signed us up. {FYI - On Tuesdays, our local theater's movie tickets are discounted for $7 a piece, but otherwise the cheapest you can find is $10.70 for a matinee... which means if you go more than once a month you're technically saving money!} Since we're seeing more movies now, maybe you wanna know our thoughts on them.

So, let's get into it already, shall we?! I mean, that's why you are visiting the blog today, right?! You all are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to get our thoughts on the movies we saw... I guess you can call us the new Siskel and Ebert!

Super Troopers 2

I'll be completely honest, I've never seen the first Super Troopers (I always figured it was just stupid {and less humor}), but when the hubby asked me if I wanted to join him to see the sequel I figured I'd bank a couple "good wife points" and hit up the theater with him. I wasn't expecting much, but I'm happy to report it was entertaining. I wouldn't say it was necessarily my cup of tea (and I definitely wouldn't have spent movie theater ticket prices to see it) but I chuckled a few times and it wasn't as idiotic as I was expecting. Again, maybe it was because I figured it'd be terrible so when I didn't want to walk out half way through I considered it a win ;) Also, I didn't feel like I really missed anything having not seen the first one. PS The hubby really enjoyed it, so maybe it's "guy humor" (but you could probably assume that from the previews, right?!).



Okay, so I know what you're thinking... "Wait, didn't think movie come out in 1986?" and I would answer, "Yes, in fact it did", but apparently Fathom Events thought it was good enough to bring back to the theater for three days. If they were willing to bring it back to the big screen, I figured we should probably give it a few minutes of my time and watch it. Neither the hubby nor I had never seen this movie before but had a free evening on one of the nights it was nearby so went to the theater. Ryan made a joke part way through and said it might make more sense if we were tripping on acid. It was definitely an "interesting" movie, but we left smiling and enjoyed ourselves. I'm sort of surprised I had never seen it before. It's funny to see how far movie making, special effects, etc has come since this movie was released. The only bummer part was that it was supposed to start at 7pm, but with all of the pre-movie stuff (trivia, "previews", a Jim Henson Storyteller short, etc) it didn't actually start till about 7:55pm. PS Did you know there was a costume contest for the movie goers?! Had I known this or known what to wear maybe I would have participated ;)



The Ted Kennedy scandal of Chaddaquiddick was before our time (we were babies of the eighties), so I didn't know much about the movie before going in. Although it might not be 100% accurate (but then again, even the movies which are "based on true events" never really claim to be the absolute truth, do they?!), both the hubby and I enjoyed it. It is interesting how much say the "winners" have on history. Americans tend to give a pass to celebrities, fame and status... and in this instance the pass was given when it came to a woman's life. The hubby and I both left shaking our heads about the amount of spin that politics (and even the news/ media) puts on reality. I wouldn't say this was a movie you need to run out to the theater to see (not many of them are... unless they've got amazing special effects or you love the actors), but with our Movie Passes we definitely weren't bummed we spent the time seeing the film. I would have been interested to see a little more of the "after", but I guess they assume you know or have followed Teddy Kennedy after the incident.


I Can Only Imagine

We weren't really sure what to expect from this movie. We have seen Christian films in the past and, to be honest, some of them have been pretty corny. Both the hubby and I surprisingly walked away really enjoying this one. I would say that it wasn't overtly Christian (even though it is about a chart topping Christian song by MercyMe and the lead singer's backstory). The movie focuses on forgiveness, love and trying to make things right before it's too late. I didn't feel as though it was being too preachy or in your face about Jesus (but the underlying tone was definitely there). The hubby said it sort of reminded him of Extreme Makeover Home Edition because he used to get choked up watching that too (#MoveThatBus), but redemption stories tend to pull on your heart strings. Like most of the movies we've seen, I wouldn't say it's a must to see in the theater, but we enjoyed seeing how the best-selling Christian single of all time came to be.


Avengers: Infinity War

Finally we get to a movie I'd say is worth seeing on the big screen (thanks to the special effects)! But before I get to that, let me discuss the movie as a whole. In general I really enjoyed it. I've never been into comics, but super hero movies are definitely entertaining and this one lived up to the hype for me. At times I felt like the movie was a little like the NFL Network's RedZone where it switches between games that appear to have scoring opportunities since the movie kept jumping from one epic battle scene to another, but I guess that just means it was action packed. Also, I haven't seen all the movies that the characters in this one were in (like Dr. Strange, Vision, etc), but I didn't really feel like I needed to know their back stories to enjoy this movie (but I'll be honest - it was a bit overwhelming to keep everything straight). Overall the hubby and I both liked this one even though you got the sense it was setting the stage for a follow-up film.



I had mentioned this movie in one of my Friday Favorites post earlier in the month because I was STOKED when I saw it show up on my MoviePass app. You see, I LOVE RBG and had NO IDEA there was a movie about her coming out. She is DA BOMB DOT COM! The hubby was swamped with work (we were entertaining his mom and uncle the week before so he didn't get much work done while they were in town) and the film finally was showing near us so I made my way to the theater. Since I have read multiple books about Ruth Bader Ginsburg I knew the majority of the information they shared about her, but it was still awesome to see it on the big screen. She literally is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to women's rights! I am thrilled that more people may learn about her and her amazingness thanks to this new documentary! Although I wouldn't say you need to see this at the movie theater, but I do hope you take the 90 or so minutes and watch the film!


American Dream: Detroit

When we were at another one of the Fathom Events we saw the preview for this movie. If you've been around my neck of the InterWebs for a while you know the hubby and I are both from Michigan so you better believe we were going to go see this film (even if it wasn't at our local theater and had to drive to find it). It was created and directed by Michael Bolton and was only in the theater for one day. We both really enjoyed it. Detroit often gets a bad wrap so I was STOKED to see some of the positive changes finally getting some publicity. Now I'm in no way saying that Detroit is "back", is "fixed" or doesn't have more changes that need to be made, but it's definitely moving in the right direction! I hope that even though you won't be able to see this film in the theaters that you still find it and give it a watch! If the hubby and I were to move back to the Mitten I'm sure we'd end up in either Detroit or Ann Arbor and once you see this film you'll understand why.


The Snowman Trek

The hubby and I had been looking forward to this film for a while. It's a documentary about a team of ultra runners (and the film crew and in-country team) tackling a 189 mile trail in Bhutan. Their plan was to set a speed record on the world's hardest trek. Bhutan's high Himalayan landscape is not known for athletic pursuits and its culture must be persuaded to let the runners pursue their dream. Seeing as this was a one-night event it was a bummer when the hubby realized he had already bought tickets and planned to go to a concert on the same night, but I was still down to go see the movie. I really enjoyed it (and I'm sure the hubby will love it whenever he is able to find it). I felt like it reminded me a bit of our three week road trip (all of the rain and inclement weather) and our Grand Canyon adventure (having to change up the game plan, be patient and enjoy the journey when you aren't going as quickly as you originally hoped or had planned). I loved that the team was eventually able to change their perspective, find the joy in the running and still accomplish their goals.


Deadpool 2

I remember really enjoying Deadpool, but after seeing it when it first came out I haven't seen it again... but thankfully you didn't necessarily need to remember the nitty gritty details to enjoy the sequel. The hubby and I both really enjoyed this one (although, truth be told, I seem to remember laughing out loud a lot more at the original). We love how it doesn't take itself too seriously (and often times will not only mock superhero movies but also themselves as actors or projects they have been a part of {read: Green Lantern}). It is definitely a little more vulgar than your standard superhero film, but that is where the comedy comes into play. I even got chocked up a little at the end which I was NOT expecting. I would totally recommend seeing this one in the theater (but know that it is NOT a kids movie... even though it jokes about being a "family film"). Now I think it's time for the hubby and I to go back and we-watch the first one soon!


Book Club

Believe it or not, but this was the hubby's pick! This is not the usual type of movie we would see in the theaters (or necessarily watch in general), but the previews looked decent and in between some house chores the hubby said he wanted to take a quick break and go see it. We were the youngest people in the theater by a good 20 or 30 years, but that sort of made it better - because when the crowd was cracking up at a joke we knew it was grandmas and grandpas having a laugh and it made us chuckle more. It was actually a very funny movie (I was worried all the funny parts were in the previews). The hubby even said he laughed more during this one than most recent movies we've seen - and that's saying something because he normally laughs at just about anything! Now I wouldn't say you need to rush out to the theater and see it, but if it shows up in a Redbox near you or you have time on an airplane it is definitely worth your 90 minutes or so!



The hubby and I both thought the preview looked intriguing for this one and figured it would be worth going to see. Little did we know it would only be in our local theater for a couple weeks so we would need to drive a ways to go see it. Thankfully the drive was well worth it because we both really liked this one! I'm not going to give anything away, but there was definitely a twist in the story that neither of us saw coming. Although I am not a mother (and never plan on becoming one), this story seems incredibly real. This film depicts motherhood as messy and loud and difficult AF (which I can only imagine are some of the emotions this stage of life produces to the tenth degree). Let's just say that the struggle is real and it is really portrayed in this film. You might not need to see this one in the theaters (by the time you are reading this it might not even be at one near you even if you wanted to see if there), but I would totally say you should give it a watch!


Life of the Party

This is one the hubby wasn't sold on seeing so while he was working one afternoon I went over to the theater on my own. I'll be honest (as if you would expect anything else ;)), it wasn't amazing, but I'd say it was entertaining, funny and had a few heart felt moments. I didn't go in with high expectations (I was thinking it would be somewhat like a female version of Old School but probably not as funny) and because of that I really enjoyed it. It's definitely not theater worthy, but if you're ever looking to fill some time, laugh a bit and have a couple "awwww" moments, then I'd totally suggest grabbing it.



I may not be a die hard Star Wars fan (I definitely didn't grow up with the films... I actually watched them all in college when the hubby was just a boyfriend and I knew he loved them), but I enjoy the movies. With that said, I guess I didn't walk into this film with as much trepidation as others may have (worried that this Han wouldn't live up to the role, that Disney was ruining the series, etc). I didn't know much about the film before going in (the hubby and I tried to stay away from reviews or spoilers before heading to the theater) and I am happy to say the trailers we saw didn't seem to give too much away beforehand. And, don't worry, you won't get any spoilers from me... Other than the fact that the hubby and I both walked away from this one really enjoying it! I felt like even if Star Wars isn't your jam you could still be entertained. Also, you didn't necessarily need to know all of the details about the other movies to see this one. Yes, there were some parts that tied well with the existing films, but this origin story can still stand on its own. And although I couldn't buy into some of the drama because I knew Solo couldn't die (this was his origin story), I loved some of the twists along the way.



This was another one of the hubby's picks (strange but true). I would have been okay not going to the theater to see it, but we had a couple extra hours and the sun was hidden with May Gray, so why not?! I didn't actually realize it was a remake of a 1987 movie (but then again, I would have been 3 years old at the time of its release so I guess you can forgive me, right?!). I went in expecting it to be pretty predictable... and it was... but surprisingly we both thought it was decent. I wouldn't say that this film will be making its way onto any "best of" lists anytime soon, but it was sweet and charming. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to watch it a second time, but it kept me entertained the first go-around.


And with that our May movies have come to an end. I was able to see 14 movies while the hubby saw 11. I think that is what you consider a WIN for the McDots ;) With our MoviePass membership, my movies each cost approximately $0.71 a viewing and the hubby's were $0.90 - a MAJOR savings compared to actual box office prices! BOOMSHAKALAKA!

What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

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Terra Heck said...

You definitely got your money's worth! I watched I Can Only Imagine in theaters and really liked it. I bawled like a baby during some of the parts. I haven't seen Deadpool yet but keep intending to. I own the DVD, so there's no reason why I don't.