Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY! WHOOOO HOOOO! Let's just say I am looking forward to maxing and relaxing this weekend! We have been on the go for what seems like 4 months straight so it will be nice to be home (and not entertaining) this weekend. Of course we have an ever growing to-do list that we need to tackle, but not having to travel anywhere will be nice! Wanna know what else is nice?! All of the things on this week's Friday Favorites - DUH!

I Heart Dogs (and Cats) Tee from Hello Apparel

Every year Hello Apparel teams up with animal rescues and donates a part of their limited edition tees to the different organizations. This year $5.00 of every Dog Tee sold will be donated to @ghettorescue based in Los Angeles, CA and $5.00 of every Cat Tee sold will be donated to @hopespringscatsanctuary located in Nashville, TN. As I hope you all know, I am DEFINITELY a dog person ;) so am pretty sure I NEED the dog tee! (I have two of the previous year's tees as well.) Remember, these are limited edition so make sure to place your order soon or else you may miss out!

Source: @helloapparels Instagram feed


There is a BADASS 6 year old in San Diego who has a goal to RACE THE WORLD! The Challenged Athletes Foundation is blessing David with racing ("cheetah") legs. When David was asked what he wants to do with his new racing prosthetics, he answered: “Race every single person in this world.” He raced IRONKIDS in Oceanside to help get that journey started and now he along with his whole family are going to race the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego 5K (his first ever 5K). You better believe I will be there to help this little man on the way to reach his AMAZING goal!

Fathom Events

As you are hopefully well aware (thanks to my movie recap posts at the end of the month), the hubby and I have been enjoying and utilizing our MoviePasses. Not only have we enjoyed going to see new films (especially ones we may not have otherwise spent the full ticket price on), but we've really liked some of the special events that Fathom has put on. We have seen old movies that have been rereleased in the theater (like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth) and new movies (like American Dream: Detroit and The Snowman Trek). Now, to be honest, I don't know that I would pay the $12.50 per movie to see them normally, but since they are included in our MoviePass membership I have totally been down to see them. Some of the upcoming films we have on our list are Andy Irons: Kissed By God, Big and The Big Lebowski.


Bears Ears Educational Center Publicity

I've mentioned the Bears Ears Education Center Kickstarter that the hubby and I backed a few times on here, but we just got an update from the Friends of Cedar Mesa and I thought it was pretty awesome so wanted to pass it along! The Bears Ears Education Center was recently highlighted in a PBS Newshour story! The Center is still being renovated but I'm STOKED at the recent progress and one day we hope to visit it in person (with our donor plaque on the wall)!


2019 Sprouts Mesa-PHX Mesa-Marathon Ambassadors

I have been lucky enough to have been part of the ambassador program with the Mesa-PHX Marathon for the last couple years and hope to once again be on the crew for the upcoming race. And if you are interested in joining the group, you can submit your application prior to June 1st to be considered! Apply HERE (it's quick and painless)! Even if you don't want to be an ambassador, you should definitely put the race on your calendar for 2019! I mean, #ItsGoingDownAtPHX! 

What are you loving lately?

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