Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Run to Save Lives

Let me start this post by saying I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! I do not know exactly what needs to be in the realm of gun reform, but that doesn't mean I will sit idly by and let the violence continue. School shootings, mass murders, terrorism - these horrors should NOT be an every day occurrence... one we as a society are quickly becoming numb to!


I hope you know this is a space place - a place where people are free to respectfully state their opinions, no matter how different. This post is NOT meant to be divisive, but simply a starting point for conversation. Hopefully it will get you thinking about the issues at hand (and potentially about how this upcoming election can impact matters such as these).

Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. Gun violence touches every town in America. For too long, change has been thwarted by the Washington gun lobby and leaders who refuse to take common-sense steps that will save lives. Everytown starts with you, and it starts in your town.
As I am sure we are all well aware, the reasons for gun violence are complex, but Everytown believes real change on a few key issues will help save lives and I agree they're a great place to start. They are fighting to close the loopholes that allow criminals and other dangerous people to buy guns without background checks. They are supporting laws that keep guns away from domestic abusers. They are educating parents about safe storage and responsible gun ownership. They are advocating for stronger trafficking laws to give law enforcement the tools they need to crack down on criminals. 

Now you may be saying to yourself, "Carlee, that's great, but what can I actually do about it?" I'm so glad you asked!

First and foremost, get informed! Look into how your elected officials feel about gun reform. {This link shows how your members of Congress have voted on past gun bills.} Then VOTE! There is a primary election next week where you can make your voice heard. If the officials in your area don't line up with your ideals and values, vote for someone who does!


Next, wear orange. Friday, June 1st is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and every year, Everytown and their partners across the country ask folks to #WearOrange as a way to honor those who have lost their lives and loved ones and to demand a future free of gun violence. Why orange? It's a color that symbolizes the value of human life. Hunters wear orange to alert other hunters that they're there -- as a way to take care of their own life and the lives of others. A color so loud it can't be ignored. And Everytown is doing its part to turn orange into a symbol for the value of human life everywhere. There are also a myriad of local events you can attend during Wear Orange Weekend, June 1-3.


Another option is to run! On June 2nd we're running to save lives! Whether you run virtually, or host and/or join a meet-up in your area, we have to get out, be seen, and join the millions of voices demanding change because enough is enough. {I will be running the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego 5K on June 2nd so will be unable to attend (or host) a meet-up, but you better believe I already have my She Can & She Did ORANGE "tubular bandana wrap" ready to rock for the race!}

Not only are we running for Everytown, but we're raising money so they can continue to make our country a safer, more sensible one. Every single donation (be it your time, voice, or money) makes a difference. If this cause has your name on it, please consider giving to help Everytown in their mission. This Gun Violence Awareness Day, we run for them.


Did you know on an average day 96 Americans are killed with guns?

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I’m in!!! Orange on Friday!