Tuesday, August 22, 2017

REVIEW: Stitchburgh Boutique

I don't know where my recent affinity for cross stitch came from... It is normally not the esthetic I am drawn to... But for some reason, I have been on this kick for it lately and had an apostrophe.

What if we got a couple pieces for the #AdventureMobile?! I mean, they're light so can easily be hung. If you didn't see my recent post, we've been doing a little "remodel" to make the van more "us" and some art would be the perfect touch.

I did what I normally do when I have a question/ need/ dispute and put it out on social media. Since I obviously don't cross stitch (my running costumes involve limited sewing... the hot glue gun is my BFF), I thought I'd ask to see if any of my friends did. A friend of mine referred me to an Etsy shop run by one of her friends - Stitchburgh Boutique.


Once I checked out the shop, I fell in love and quickly found some contact info for the owner, Jaci. I shot over an email to see if she'd be interested in doing some custom pieces for our #AdventureMobile. Graciously she agreed and I sent her over a couple ideas that the hubby and I had. (Since I know nothing about cross stitch, other than I think it's cute, I thought I'd run our ideas by her since I wasn't sure what would be considered "easy" vs "difficult".)

Just a few of my favorite designs that Jaci has made!

Based on the sizes, designs and our budget we edited our ideas down and decided on three final pieces.

Jaci was super easy to work with. She gave us an estimated timeline and was realistic with what she could do. She uses a water soluble marker to draw on the fabric (which washes out when she finishes) so you can okay it before she gets to stitching. She also sent over a few progress shots so we could get an idea of how everything was coming.

I wasn't digging the "font" of the first draft (I really love her cursive script) and since the pieces will be going on an aqua area in the van,
we decided to change the fabric color. 

From concept to work in progress to further along towards completion. 

Getting the final "okay" before finishing them up and shipping them off.

When the pieces arrived, we were SUPER STOKED! We went out and bought some adhesive so that we could hang them in the van immediately. We love how they look and feel as though they fit perfectly with the vibe we are going for!

If you are ever in the need of cross stitch pieces, I would definitely recommend Stitchburgh Boutique. Shoot, I think some of her other pieces will make it on my Christmas list for sure! Make sure to check out her Etsy store HERE, follow her on Facebook or on Instagram, and email her at stitchburghboutique@gmail.com for custom order requests.

Do you know how to cross stitch?


coach-daddy said...

I know *how* to cross stitch, but I've never tried it. Those are some groovy designs for the van! I always have wanted a sports quote or two stitched and hung up in the house.

Jodi said...

They look AMAZING. I don't know how to cross stitch. The closest I used to be able to do was make friendship bracelets.. yea not close at all!!